What H1 was Grateful For in 2018

What H1 was Grateful For in 2018

H1 is thankful for all of the individuals and ideas that contributed to the company’s success in 2018.


This past September, H1 partnered with Veeva to bring the KOL identification and analysis capabilities of H1 Curie to the Veeva CRM platform, making it simpler for clients to connect with identified influencers. H1 is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with a software solutions company like Veeva.

In addition, H1’s newly-formed Scientific Advisory Board convened for the first time on November 1st. We are excited to have an accomplished team of professionals in the pharma industry to help us determine the most favorable direction for the future of H1.

H1 is thankful for collaborations with the members of our Scientific Advisory Board as well as our partners at Veeva.


H1 employees are driven and curious individuals. Without such functioning teams that make up H1’s NYC staff, such as our research team and our product engineering team, H1 would not have been able to make nearly as much progress in the life sciences industry in 2018.

Among the several accomplishments that H1’s teams were responsible for in 2018 are:

  —The collection of over 800,000 physicians across 3,000 hospitals

      ○ A combination of scrapers, automated parsing, and subject matter expert curation

  —The collection of over 400,000 professors at 350 universities

           ○ A combination of scrapers, automated parsing, and subject matter expert curation

  —The mapping of over 100 million journal articles to individuals

       ○ Self-updating machine learning pipeline running on a dynamically sized cluster

  —The launch of H1 Curie Product

       ○ Built tool to index, search, and analyze all data collected by the different teams

             -Identifies top KOLs in your therapeutic area with the click of a button

As mentioned above, there are quite a few individual teams that worked on these projects: Research, Product Engineering, NDRI, Data Engineering/Science, Product Design, etc.

H1 is thankful for employees that are devoted to thinking innovatively, and working hard to make their ideas possible.


Curiosity strong enough to challenge norms is also something that H1 is thankful for because it often leads to progress. Several areas of innovation have inspired and excited H1 in 2018, and these are innovations that we will monitor closely in the new year. One example of these trends is the increased use of artificial intelligence in healthcare and fintech.

Artificial intelligence has proved to be a pervasive trend as it has quickly had a tremendous impact on the healthcare and fintech industries. In healthcare, AI applications have seen significant adaptation in recent years and that is expected to continue into 2019 and beyond. A recent study by MPO Magazine stated that AI applications in healthcare are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40 percent from 2017-2024.

Additionally, in a recent survey of fintech companies conducted by Microsoft, 61 percent of companies surveyed reported that they currently make use of AI, or plan on implementing AI applications in the next 12 months.

The increased use of new technologies in new and creative ways, such as AI in the healthcare and other industries, gives H1 even more motivation to create the most innovative technological solutions to the problems currently facing the healthcare and life sciences industries.

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