Why H1 is the Best Place to Work in Healthcare in NYC

Why H1 is the Best Place to Work in Healthcare in NYC

Starting a Career at H1insights

Relentless innovation - that is the pervading emphasis within H1insights’ Park Avenue office in New York City.

Whatever their role within the company, H1 employees all exhibit a common trait - they feel a constant drive to create more efficient solutions to the questions that confront life science companies and solve the problems that impede progress in healthcare.

The H1 Environment

Far to often, in large corporations, creative problem solving is suppressed in the name of efficiency. H1’s products were built on the concept of changing the status quo with novel ideas. Thus, H1 employees, frequently engage in experimental meetings where they can communicate their visions for existing or new H1 products.

Innovation at H1

H1 uses machine learning to correctly label journal articles, clinical trials, and conference presentations to the health care professionals that work on them. When looking over these results, a first initial and last name (eg “A. Smith”) seem to be the only reasonable way to identify the author. With this in mind however, the question remains as to how one can identify the author’s full name (eg “Adam Smith” or “Angela Smith”) and even if one does know that name, how do they know which author this is (eg “Adam Smith” from Columbia University or “Adam Smith” from Boston University) as authors often share names. In step our machine learning algorithms that leverage natural language processing and other features to determine who this author is based on a large set of features that one may not even be able to see.

A Collaborative Workplace

The tapping of Ping Pong paddles can often be heard throughout the H1 office as the day comes to a close. The strength of relationships between coworkers is crucially important to them feeling as though they can communicate freely with one another. Thus engagements such as Ping Pong and TGIT, (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday) where the entire H1 staff gathers to present what they are currently working on as well as any recent accomplishments that they are particularly proud of, are emphasized as a means of facilitating open dialogue around the office.  

Why Work at H1

The emphasis on creativity and communication at H1 make for an irresistible work environment. Employees at H1 continuously improve their own skill set while helping the company make strides within the healthcare industry.

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