The Future of Medical Affairs

The healthcare industry is driven by several different factors, chief among them our ability to create ever-increasing amounts of data ever faster – and also our increasing ability to make sense of them.

Clinical Trial Educators - Addressing Challenges in Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

In our blog we talk a lot about Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and their roles and responsibilities. We also dedicated a blog each to the emerging roles of Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs) and Health Outcomes Liaisons (HOLs) – but the list doesn’t end there: Clinical Trial Educators (CTEs) are also part of the growing list of specialized jobs in pharmaceutical companies

MSL Conduct Dos and Don'ts

“While the difference between the job of an MSL and that of a sales rep sounds straightforward in theory, in practice, there is a fine line that both MSLs and sale reps must be very careful not to cross.”